One Year Since BYU-Idaho

Everyday I take a moment to look through my Timehop app to see what I was saying on social media on this day over the past several years. Without even realizing it, today is my one year anniversary of leaving BYU-Idaho and Rexburg. The story of my flight is a hard one, and one I don’t care to relive through retelling. Suffice it to say this was one of the hardest things to have ever happened to me.

As I took a moment to let my anniversary sink in, I did a mental review of the last year. I remembered all the hardships and awkward conversations I had with nosey ward members asking why I was home from school again. I remembered having to explain, repeatedly, why I could hold a temple recommend but not an I-Card. I just remember a lot of tough things. Hard things. “Stretching things”.

But as my mind moves in chronological order, I remember the good that has come. Moving to Utah. Getting involved in great programs with tremendous people and leaders. Meeting great roommates who became even greater friends. This year has been an opportunity for growth and stretching. And has been one I’m still experiencing.

When I was at BYU-I, I was the director of the communication council in the Student Support program. Being a director was my dream. It was something I had wanted since the winter semester of 2012. I finally had it. And it was ripped from my hands, along with the rest of my life in the frozen tundra of the snake river valley.

Fastforward to my first day on UVU’s campus. I was taking a tour because I’m that guy that needs to know where everything is before the first day of school. My guide introduced me to an organization that focuses on service. Within 5 minutes of leaving campus, I received a phone call asking me to interview for the Vice President of Communication position. A week later I had it.

This position was almost exactly like the one that had been taken from me. And now I had it again, but better. It is literally as if BYUI took what I wanted most, and Heavenly Father gave it back to me, with an increase. I don’t understand the ways of the Lord, but this was a tremendously moving experience.

As I review what has happened over the last year, I feel like crying. A few tears are for the people I’ve lost in my transition away from Rexburg and BYUI, and the rest are for the gratitude I feel for knowing I have a loving Heavenly Father watching over me. My writing abilities are not adequate for me to express the signs and blessings I have seen over the past year. I feel inadequate in my ability to show gratitude. Even in the moment’s I’ve doubted His will for me, His will become more and more apparent. It reaffirms that the place I’m in right now is the right place.

Even with this terribly written and disorganized scribble of thoughts, writing these things down helps confirm to me I’m where I’m meant to be, and that His will is present in my life.