The Ten Virgins of BYU-Idaho

Originally written in late March


I don’t believe I’m a sheltered person, but when a random person called me the C-word on Facebook I was taken aback. I had heard the word before, but never by a member of my Church. A Facebook page entitled “BYU-I Secrets” has recently taken my University by storm. Almost 3000 likes last I checked. This page has been the source of debate and contention among students due to the nature of the posts found there. Students can anoynomously send in secrets, confessions, rants, and other stories to the page which then posts them on behalf of the student. Posts include confessions from skinny dipping, and taping roommates’ mattresses to the ceiling, to sexual endevours, abusive complaints about the Honor Code, and even secrets about pouring semen into a roommate’s shampoo bottle.

Debate recently was stirred up about this page when Kim B. Clark, President of BYU-Idaho, was asked if he was aware of the page and what his reaction was. President Clark procedded to condemn the actions being made on the page, and told people participating to seek other means of confession, and seek repentance for any sins or transgressions. This immediatly sparked debate on the BYU-I Secrets Page. Sides were quickly formed by students in favor of the page, and students against it. It was through the debate on this page that students against the page were called “Religious C*nts” by a female former student. I was appaled by her langauge and made it known in a comment below hers. Within 20 minutes she had seven likes on her comment, and I had a former male student stating, “Blake Oakey is a C*nt”.

These small actions, bouyed up by the raging rhetoric of other current and former students slandering the University and President Clark made a gospel principle become very clear in my mind. All the individuals are not just Children of God, they are also Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and current or former students of Brigham Young University- Idaho. These people were baptized, have attended the temple, take sacrament on Sundays, and take religion classes at my school. I remembered in that moment the Parable of the 10 Virgins.

Ten Virgins were to light the way for the Bridegroom to enter the celebration. Jewish weddings usually began at night with lamps lit at dusk. The virgins were caught off guard when the Bridegroom came later, close to midnight. Five went to get more oil because they had been unprepared, while five left with the party, lamps full because of their dilligence and preparation. The five unprepared were not allowed into the celebration because of their carelessness. When I was taught this parable as a child, I had always assumed the five that came prepared would equate to members of the Church, while the five unprepared were the World. I learned later that none of the virgins were members of the World. They were all members of the Church. It dawned on me while reading the BYU-I Secrets feed that the seperation between the ten is begining to grow. Entitlment, resentment, impacience, and other worldly philosophies are encroaching on the Spirit of Ricks found on campus.

*Five of Them Were Wise by Walter Rane