The most cliché acronym of 2012 has now found its way into my every day vernacular.  During the Seven week break between the spring and fall term, students staying at Brigham Young University- Idaho go crazy.  All of the many outdoor activities that the Potato state can offer are at the disposal of the 1000 or so students staying in little Rexburg.  This summer, I am staying in apartment 505.  This may not seem significant to you, the reader, but let me explain.  Apartment 505 is by far the most social and outgoing apartment in the Rexburg YSA 2nd stake, and no doubt in the 70th ward.  They have parties and all own dirt bikes which they proudly park in the closet parking spots to the building.  Their coolness has guaranteed these certain perks.  These loud guys really live every day to its fullest, and I, Blake Oakey, a shut in with mild OCD and a superiority complex, am their new roommate.

When I found out that I would be living in 505, I knew that this would be a memorable summer.  I decided early on (four days ago) that I would be adopting their foreign lifestyle for seven weeks.  I feel like I’m on Oprah, committing to some sort of spectacular life changing arrangement that a follow up show will be composed around.  I decided that I would live the YOLO life style.  For those who have been under a rock this year, or don’t have a twitter account, YOLO is an acronym for “You Only Live Once”.  This is meant to instill some notion of living every moment to the fullest which sounds pretty noble, but this phrase is generally an excuse to make really poor life choices.  I have thus adopted the YOLO lifestyle.  It has only been three days of YOLOing, and thus far I have shot a World War Two sniper rifle at a make shift firing range, thrown a football around (that is YOLO for me), went swimming in a river at midnight, and gone hot tubbing at my apartment complex.  What I have seen in all of these circumstances, is that I was doing things that I would have been previously uncomfortable with doing.  YOLO, thus far, has really been less about living every day to its fullest, and more about living outside my comfort zone which I have deemed the growing zone.  I’m learning a lot about these guys, and Im learning even more about myself and the flexibility of my comfort zones.  I will keep updating my blog with all the YOLOing I do over the 7 Week Break.

Until then, get out there!  YOLO BABY!!!


*Image is my own.  Provide credit where it is due.